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Role of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

  • Amruta Bhaskar
  • Dec 2, 2020
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The age-old phrase, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ couldn’t be more true. Graphic design is important for any business that is looking to make a positive and long-lasting impression.

When it comes to spreading the message about your business, the design gets the attention first and then the words. Together, they convey a powerful message. For example, in the Ferrari logo, there is not even a tagline, but the design speaks better than words for the brand.

Digital marketing has become an essential must-have in every entrepreneur’s or marketer’s resource. And with the user’s declining attention span getting worse by the day, there is one way to captivate them, and that is through graphic design. Graphic design represents symbols, icons, typography, colours, and all elements that contribute to the overall aesthetics of the image. It is based on graphic design principles, concepts, trends, and even psychology to achieve what it was created for in the first place.

For instance, a company invests graphic design on their landing pages. Since landing pages are built to convert leads into actual paying customers, their graphic design should do just that. To generate more sales from the landing page, the visuals must contain compelling graphics coupled with a call to action that urges leads to action.

Simply put, graphic design is a form of visual communication. And this method of communication is apt with how humans process information naturally. The human brain transmits 90 percent of the visuals to be processed. That goes to show humans can process images 60,000 faster than text. And that is the main reason why companies bank on graphics in their marketing strategies.

Graphic designers play an important role in conveying the brand message of your product or service in unique ways. A good graphic designer can communicate your offerings in the form of reports, charts, and illustrations. Graphics Surpass Languages- People can only read this blog if they have a good grasp of the English language. However, no matter what their primary language is, people can understand themes and images. The same applies to any kind of image or visual aid. As the internet breaks down geographical barriers, appealing to a multilingual audience is important. Graphic design is one of the best ways to achieve it.

The evergreen saying ‘The First Impression is the Best Impression’, reflects, that a visual illustration leaves a great impact on a person’s mind. As per stats, a visual illustration receives 94 percent more attention than any usual content. An impressive graphic, therefore, helps to attract more traffic in the first instances and also keep them sign in.

We are living in an era of ‘information for everyone’. In this fast-paced period of ‘online-first’, even small information is available over the internet. Thus on average, consumers have a short attention span of 8 seconds to judge your business while surfing through the ocean of information.

A poor design will fail to communicate your brand’s message effectively and a clear stellar visual accompanied by a brief statement can gain more attention. Thus you should use every opportunity by using great graphic design to develop your brand, consumer’s trust and confidence in your business. Graphic design helps boost your sales. A great design will help to enhance sales as it will attract more customers. Also, a catchy and unique design will be remembered by more consumers and will be chosen and referred to by maximum users.

We are living in a visually-centric world. Look around you. You’ll probably see graphics on every street post, poster, billboard, or establishment signage. That goes to show how crucial graphic design is if you want your marketing collaterals to make an impact.

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