The Complete WordPress Website Business Course in 2020

In 2020, build a beautiful responsive WordPress site that looks amazing on all devices. No programming skills required

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Aperçu du cours

WordPress for Beginners, A Complete Guide to WordPress website development.

In 2020, you can create your WordPress website which will look stunning, beautiful and responsive to all screens i.e. mobiles, tablets and computers without writing even a single piece of code.

If You can't buy a web hosting to host your website, then don't worry because I will teach you How to get web hosting for learning purpose for ABSOLUTELY FREE. Everything is explained in detail!

About the Course

This course will guide you through every single step from installation to the finished website. I'll show you how you can install WordPress on a web host for free also, so you don't have to pay for a domain name or hosting fees while you complete this course for learning. Once you've got WordPress installed on a web host, you will learn how to build and run a successful, beautiful, responsive-design website you can be proud of.

After taking you through all of the main options in WordPress, explaining what each one does and how you set it up, I build a WordPress website. It will be a blog site with affiliate tools installed that I hope will make me passive income for many years to come.

Quelles sont les exigences?

  • A Computer, either Mac, Windows or Linux
  • A Modern Browser Like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera
  • An Internet Access
  • You don't need any experience with programming languages like HTML, CSS or JavaScript

Que vais-je retirer de ce cours?

  • Create All Kinds of Commercial Websites, using WordPress, to sell to clients
  • Develop High Quality Front-end Pages for Call to Actions That Convert
  • Reach a Speed Score of 100% on GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Test
  • Earn as a blogger by affiliate marketing with SEO
  • Setup the Web Hosting in the most easiest and economical way
  • Setup your own SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for FREE
  • Improve Your Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Rank your Website Higher in Google

Quel est le public cible?

  • Those who want to start earning as a full time Website Developer using WordPress
  • Beginners to Website Development Using WordPress
  • Those, who want to make a side hustle for your current job
  • Anyone eager to learn that how these modern website are made today.

A propos de l'auteur

We at SkillRary strive to provide simple yet powerful training or tuition on all domains. This organization has started with a mindset to share the knowledge that the internet or an individual has in a progressive manner. SkillRary is an online training programme, trying to get the best content for all on a very low cost and thereby helping everyone with a digital schooling and online education.  

SkillRary provides computer based training (CBT), distance learning or e-learning, that takes place completely on the internet. The courses involve a variety of multimedia elements, including graphics, audio, video, and web-links which can be accessed to the enrolled clients.

In addition to presenting course materials and content, SkillRary gives the students the opportunity for live interactions and real-time feedback in the form of quizzes and tests. Interactions between the instructor and students are also conducted via chat, e-mail or other web-based communication. Unlike any other, we here also let the students know which module has to be gone through first. All the modules are placed according to the lesson plans so that students will know what to refer first.

SkillRary is self-paced and customizable to suit an individual's specific learning needs. Therefore it can be conducted at any time and place, provided there is a computer or smartphone with high-speed internet access. This makes it very convenient to the users who can modify their training to fit into their day-to-day schedule. All our users will be able to use our eLearning system to its full capacity.

Curriculum du cours

Introduction to this course
2 Document Lectures | 2 Video Lectures | 07:36

  • Always Ask Questions
    1 Page
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Which Version
  • WordPress Glossary
    1 Page

All about web hosting
4 Video Lectures | 27:02

  • Local Install vs Web Host Install
  • Shared Vs Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Hosting
  • Why Speed Matters the Most
  • Close look at our website's speed

Setting up a reliable web hosting
1 Document Lectures | 1 Video Lectures | 05:02

  • Choosing The Right Package
  • Installing WordPress on a Web Host
    1 Page

All about SSL certificates
1 Document Lectures | 1 Video Lectures | 03:47

  • What are SSL Certificates
  • Type of SSL Certificates
    7 Page

A first look around WordPress
5 Video Lectures | 33:20

  • The WordPress Dashboard
  • Installing Free SSL Certificate
  • Clearing Out WordPress Pre-Installed Content
  • Post and Page Editor(s)
  • Media Library

Changing the Appearance
4 Video Lectures | 29:38

  • Installing a Lite Theme
  • WordPress Costumizer
  • Costumizing the Menu
  • Setting Up the Brand Logo

Changing the settings
2 Video Lectures | 05:38

  • Changing General Settings
  • Changing Permalink Structure

Adding new Plugins
2 Video Lectures | 23:26

  • Creating Stunning Pages
  • Speeding Up the Website

Creating a blogging website
2 Document Lectures | 3 Video Lectures | 24:38

  • Setting Up the Home Page
    1 Page
  • Improving Search Engine Optimization
  • Building up your subscriber List
  • Why email list is necessary for bloggers
    2 Page
  • Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Creating business portfolio
2 Document Lectures | 4 Video Lectures | 23:48

  • Setting Up the Home Page Portfolio
  • Adding Membership Plugin
  • Adding Membership CTA
  • Adding Membership Levels
  • Creating About Us Page
    1 Page
  • Creating Contact Us Page
    1 Page

Creating an eCommerce Website
4 Document Lectures | 6 Video Lectures | 38:46

  • Adding Woocommerce Plugin
  • Choosing best eCommerce Theme
  • Creating Your First Product
  • Creating Coupons
  • Adding PayPal Payment Gateway
    1 Page
  • Integrating PayPal
    1 Page
  • Adding Stripe Payment Gateway
    1 Page
  • Integrating Stripe
    1 Page
  • Changing Default Settings
  • Adding a Social Sharing Plugin

managing wordPress security
1 Video Lectures | 04:20

  • Adding Security Plugin

3 Document Lectures | 2 Video Lectures | 01:15:37

  • 9 Tips to Write Headlines that Convert
    2 Page
  • 5 Tips to Create an Irresistible Call to Action (CTA)
    2 Page
  • Project -Create a Blog From scratch
    1 Page
  • Project Completed
  • Project Completed -Continued


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