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Importance of Internship

  • Swetha Y
  • May 3, 2019
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           As a fresher, doing an internship is always an added advantage. It definitely adds to your resume and you gain hands-on experience.


  • Get Closer - to your entry-level job: Doing an internship gives you a feel of working in the professional environment and helps you explore the corporate culture. You get an understanding of how a process is followed and how different departments coordinate.

  • Saves your time: The job market is on an average scale, grabbing an opportunity to do an internship program is an added advantage. You can always showcase the same on the resume.

  • Grab the opportunity: As a fresher, experience in any form is vital. While doing an internship does not expect anything more from the organization than a good experience.

  • Add value to the CV: You will realize the importance of internship when you can effortlessly list down your achievements on a sheet of paper. It is the best way to relate your academic history to workplace skills.

  • Opportunity at a full-time position: Most employers like to test the skills of their candidates in the office environment. It gives them a chance to assess the candidates and it is also the perfect opportunity for you to impress them.

  • Learn new hard skills and soft skills: A college course provides you the ideal foundation to build upon. However, it is an internship that elevates this knowledge and provides you an opportunity to learn new skills.

  • Get ahead starts at networking: Networking is the secret to a successful career and the sooner you learn the nuances of networking, the better. During an internship, you get to meet a lot of experienced people who have been in the industry for a long time.

  •  Ace Time management and professional habits: The biggest problem fresher’s face with their first job is adjusting to the new timetable and responsibilities. The transition from carefree college life to a professional the job can be tedious. 

  • Build confidence: One of the most crucial benefits of an internship is the confidence you will build. A good internship will allow you to get feedback from the seniors and you can use this feedback to improve yourself.

  • All these factors combined together will infuse you with confidence no college course can!



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