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How to Introduce yourself for a Job Interview

  • Swetha Y
  • Oct 9, 2019
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When it comes to introducing ourselves, at the time of face to face interview, we may have failed to recall to be formal. I have hardly gotten any good answers from the neophytes. I mean, why do you have to talk about your school names, aggregates and numbers? The question is to talk about yourselves, not about the schooling details. Here you aren’t supposed to sound robotic and tell the same old story. It turns to be very mundane and unattractive.

So what do you think is the right way to introduce oneself?

Yes, I understand you begin with your names, loudly and clearly because, not all of us have English names and people don’t have to hear it unclearly, okay?  So say it loudly & clearly so that the person doesn’t ask for it once again. And again do not say “myself John”. Yes! You read it right. You can’t actually say it. The reason is myself, herself, yourself, yourselves and so on are the words which are called reflexive pronouns in English grammar and you are supposed to use them at the end of the sentence only. That means you can’t use them at the beginning which also means you can’t say “myself John”. So what to say? You can say “My name is John”, you can say ‘I’m John’ or you can also say “This is John”.

Secondly, you need to talk about your place, where are you from and where are you staying?

So guys here you don’t have to say basically I am from this place or actually am staying here. Why clutch words? You just have to say that “I’m from Mangalore and here I am staying with my friend in a PG” or you can also say “here in Bangalore I’m staying near Brigade road”. Say no more. Basically, just say “I am from Coorg and here in Bangalore I stay in a rented house with my friends”. Or you can confidently say “I am from Bangalore and I live with my parents”. It is as simple as that.

Next about your family and education, here you don’t have to name your parents & siblings and talk about their job descriptions or status. All you have to say is “about my family, we are five and, I have two siblings. So stop talking too much on the other details like how old are your siblings and don’t say anything about what your parents do. About your education, apart from your recent education, you don’t have to give any specific details of your past education. You just have to say, “I did my schooling in my native and I have done BCA from Karavali College Mangalore. So guys, stop saying anything else unless they are interested to know. It is very important to try to understand the mood of the interviewer.

So, once after this, you have to speak about your strengths.

Many people that I have seen have talked about their weaknesses along with their strengths, but why? Nobody has to talk about something they are incapable of, that is not in the interview at last. So here kindly speak about all your short points, strengths, your passions, your motivations or your career objectives. You don’t have to speak on all of them but few of them. Again! Don’t say I am confident, successful, motivated, energetic, and ideal and so on. Nobody is going to believe those as you don’t actually sound genuine while saying them, you didn’t express them actually. So how to express your strengths in order to sound genuine? Simply by paraphrasing or giving situational examples. For Example, “more about me I’m a very approachable person, I stay friendly and create comfort for others to guide me, I’m also a very keen person, whatever I learn I do it with a lot of interest and I’m definitely not at all lazy”. So guys, by telling this with a bit of paraphrasing each strength, you do sound a lot genuine. And yes you can definitely end your introduction by saying Thank you, with a smile. Not by saying okay, that’s all about me and eyes looking upwards.

Finally, to top up your introduction, you need to speak about your hobbies. When it comes to hobbies, it doesn’t have to be scuba diving or bungee jumping. It can be as simple as cooking hobby or jogging, going walking, spending time with friends in a café and so on. So again don’t say, my hobbies are cooking, jogging and listening to music. Kindly paraphrase it in order to sound like a human as well as genuine. Say “in my free time/ whenever I’ m free I love listening to music, I usually listen to jazz and yeah, I love violin original songs.

So let me give an example of my own.

“Hello, my name is Niveditha, I’m from Coorg, and here in Bangalore, I stay with my friends in a rented house. About my education, I did my schooling in my native and I have done MSc IT from St. Philomena College, Mangalore. About my family, we are five and my two siblings are studying. More about me I’m actually very fast, whatever work is assigned I become happy finishing it in time, I have always been punctual and regular to my college, I also have great interpersonal skills.

In my free time, I love cooking, I make my own recipes, I also love watching animated movies and listening to violin music. Now I am here looking for a stable job to start my career. Thanks.”

Now, what about your weaknesses? Don’t speak about them unless the interviewer asks you to, and gain when it comes to speaking about your weaknesses, do talk about those of your weak points which are going to affect your work life. For example, being lazy. Don’t say I am actually a little bit lazy, sleep more. Talk about those of your weak points which wouldn’t really affect your work. For example, I m a shopaholic, I trust people easily, I can’t say No when people seek help and so on.

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