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  • Amruta Bhaskar
  • Jun 30, 2020
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The current Pandemic- Covid- 19 has left crippled many economies resulting in several companies to downsize their operations. As the country tackles a big economic slump, it becomes essential for those without jobs to find new opportunities. Yet, these times are such that one needs to approach their job hunt differently.

Though it is depressing to see many of people losing job and being unemployed, some with the apt qualification. You could blame your education, your family, people not recognising your education, your brilliance, the country you live in etc. But in all of these, the only person who can help you is yourself. Even with so much uncertainty, landing a good job is not too difficult. Good jobs still exist despite any economic crisis.

To land a good job, you will require for simple, yet significant things:

1.   Change your mindset

2.   Network

3.   Prove you are the best

4.   Negotiate

Job seekers often make the mistake of spending too much time on things that are less crucial such as resumes and cover letters;  job ads; and trying to get noticed. Instead, be specific about the job you would like. Spend much time identifying your passion. A good way of finding your passion is to ask yourself “would I be doing even if I was doing it for free?” You need to change your mindset. Dream jobs are not advertised. Spend time finding companies that you want to work for, find the people that you would be working with and get in touch with them.

Networking is hot but old topic. There is a famous phrase that goes around in business ‘it is not what you know, but who you know’ Become the best of your best at your craft and then get a job. You need to be an expert in your subject area. There is a misconception that networking for most means being social with people you do not like in the hopes that someone knows someone. The right way of networking is about giving and helping people.

You connect with people by helping them out by solving their problems, you are known to them as a performer, and that you are dependable and reliable.

After you have got your foot in the door and you have put yourself on their map, you should have something to say. You need to prove your hiring manager why you are better that any of the peers. Show them that you are the best solution for their problems. Use the words that they use, talk about the problems they face with their team. Demonstrate that you can do the job more convincingly than anybody else by creating a business plan.

Opportunities are intangible and access to them lies through people. Thus, your personal connections, professional reputation and overall acceptance is what will open doors to new roles that are not available in the market.


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