Faculty Development Program on Block-chain Technology by Raghu

Faculty Development Program on Block-chain Technology by Raghu

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Resumen del curso

Blockchain provides a decentralized, immutable source for storing data and that enables trust and eliminates intermediaries between two parties. By enabling trust and eliminating intermediaries like banks and other third party services like Amazon, Uber etc., it creates a world with faster transactions, higher control and lesser fees.

In research, blockchain is a booming field with research scope in increased security, scalability of transactions, integrations with IoT, AI etc.,

Blockchain was initially developed to report for Bitcoin but now it is one of the vibrant technologies. In the past few months, blockchain has dived onto the world stage and is one of the great solutions for several technical sector problems. It has received various influencing endorsements from leading government sectors, industry leaders as well as entrepreneurs in a unique acknowledgement of the technical competence. The compact, digitally enhanced, ledger-like quality of blockchain gives it the capacity of storing immense data. The various security protocols make these data immutable. And, finally, the decentralization of blockchain makes the data transparent and accessible at any point in time.

¿Qué son los requerimientos?

  • Basic Maths (Linear Algebra, Prob. Stats.)
  • Basic knowledge of Python programming language

¿Qué voy a obtener de este curso?

  • How to create a Blockchain
  • The theory involved in Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Practical application of Blockchain

¿Cuál es el público objetivo?

  • Anybody who is interested to learn Blockchain

Sobre el Autor

Blockchain Expert & Architect

Consultant for more than 100 MNC's

Trained over 400+ Faculties

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